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We believe that every King and Queen Deserves a Royal Palace!


With our Turnkey Service we furnish our clients with a complete Styling Service, Whether its a small update or a new home installation. We focus on every detail,  from the Kitchen utensils to the Flat screen Television. 

Our modern Urban Décor Style offerS a softer and more comfortable look, rather than the harder ‘industrial’ styles which where typically associated with the word ‘urban’. Our Urban is edgy and reflects a lifestyle not pressured into conforming to mainstream trends.

Glam design is Royal and Regal, Eloquently Beautiful Soft and Romantic. Full of charm, sometimes whimsical, fascinatingly attractive, especially in a magical way. 

When Combined, Urban Glam Décor is elegance with a touch of arrogance and ego. She is Queen strong but playful, edgy and mainstream.

Urban Glam: A beautiful melody of art. Filled with touches of delicacy and the strength of disobedience Urban Glam: charmingly, fascinating, attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. She is full of glamour!