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We believe that every King and Queen Deserves a Royal Palace!

With our modern urban décor style we offer a softer and more comfortable look rather than the harder ‘industrial’ styles which where typically associated with the word ‘urban’. Urban is also edgy and reflects a lifestyle not pressured into conforming to mainstream trends.

Our Glam Design is full of charm, sometimes whimsical, fascinatingly attractive, especially in a magical way. Glam design is Royal and Regal, Eloquently Beautiful Soft and Romantic.

When Combined, Urban Glam Décor is elegance with a touch of arrogance and ego. She is Queen strong but playful, edgy and mainstream. 
Urban Glam: is a beautiful melody of art. Filled with touches of delicacy and the strength of disobedience Urban Glam: charmingly, fascinating, attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. She is full of glamour

Our Turnkey Service is complete Styling Service Focusing on every detail from the Kitchen utensils to the Flat screen Television.

In addition to Interior Styling we offer a Style and Sell Staging Service. For all of our Property Developers/Investors/Realtors